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Help registering for WeChat

Hi all, I'm trying to register an account on WeChat (微信), but it requires some already-registered user to help. It ...

Okeeffe Elle replied 3 years ago

Tips to study writing in Chinese

你好!I'm a new student here. Just want to ask, should I practice writing while learning to listen, speak and read in...

Naufal Lutfi replied 3 years ago

Pronunciation study group

Hi all, I was wondering, what is the best way to practice pronunciation? Is there any study group or voice checker th...

Luka Anicin replied 3 years ago

Skritter coupon

I saw in the latest video Felix mentioned there will be a Skritter promo, is there any news on when the coupon will b...

Joshua Kaufmann replied 3 years ago

Chinese Movies and Series

What series or movies have you started watching? Apart from Viki what other places are good to watch chinese movies o...

Brittney Maughan replied 3 years ago

Help! Anki Master needed

I'm trying to get Anki up and running with the Domino deck. Following the instructions in the video I got the first c...

Benedikt Kick replied 3 years ago

Private Domino Tutor

How do you find a private Domino tutor? Someone to help you with speaking what you're working on in DC? I'm familiar...

Rachael Schmidt replied 3 years ago


Is there a way to play the entire dialog? I can only get it to play individual words. Are the dialogs designed to be ...

Andrei Formiga replied 3 years ago

Anyone having trouble with the videos?

Hi everyone, I just subscribed and was really excited about the course, but none of the videos will play for me. I ha...

Simon Robinson replied 3 years ago

Domino Chinese vs Udemi

Dear Domino community: I am not a subscriber yet. As I test the system, I came across these questions and I would liv...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 3 years ago

Where can I take HSK?

I am wondering where I could take the official HSK tests. In official I mean official enough to put on a resume. Can ...

Malachi 平王 replied 3 years ago

Domino Chinese WeChat group?

Hey, I'm pretty new to the forum but I remember hearing about a WeChat group for Domino and I would love to join that...

Lee White-Campbell replied 3 years ago

Space repetition flashcards with Domino vocab

Based on someone's recommendation here on the Forum I started using for vocab/flashcard practice - th...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 3 years ago

Story Time

how can i navigate to the Story Times for each Chapter on the new website? is it hidden somewhere?

Ifor Williams replied 3 years ago

HSK 1 Tips

I'm getting closer to signing up for the HSK 1, I think I'll try it in July (07/2020). Anyone have any tips on conque...

Andrei Formiga replied 3 years ago