Steph Lee100 2 years ago
Space repetition flashcards with Domino vocab

Based on someone's recommendation here on the Forum I started using for vocab/flashcard practice - the website uses a spaced repetition formula. I'm currently using the 20 day free trial but am finding it a really helpful way to review. With the built in dictionary it is easy to make your own lists of words to review but they also have pre-made lists. They just posted lists of all of the Domino Chinese vocab from the Fluency Path levels 1-9. Right now it looks like the only way to get to those lists is with this link: Anyone else tried hackchinese?

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

Yep I am using it.....right now in support of Domino, I use speechling, glossika, fluent in mandarin for mass input and shadowing and Hack for SRS Flash cards

Benedikt Kick 2 years ago

How does Hack Chinese compare to Anki? Is it a similar approach?

Quite happy with Anki and Domino Chinese Deck so far.

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

For me it is just easier and seems more intuitive...I have used Anki before for about a year and only just switched over to Hack. I like that it is just click a button and everything is set for me. So I guess if you like organising and managing everything yourself stick with anki but if you like automation and just want to focus on the characters then go with hack.

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

I quite like anki because I can get more practice while manually creating the card decks: typing in the correct characters, and typing in the translations and examples. I have to think more to create them.

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