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Introductions! Tell everyone about yourself.

Write it in English or Chinese or any other language. Share some of yourself and help build our community!

Stefan replied 4 days ago

General chit-chatting

Whatever's on your mind, share it here and we'll start a conversation!

Joakim Nikolaidis replied 1 month ago

Domino Classroom - Replace University!

Domino Chinese started in 2013. Today, 8 years later, we are infinitely proud and excited to announce Domino Classroo...

Jessica Hershey replied 3 months ago

New HSK 1-9

I've heard talk about them changing the HSK system so we go from 6 levels to having 9 levels. This would also include...

Allen Wu replied 14 hours ago

I just want to thank you for all your hard work!

I know this may not be suitable for a forum but I just wanted to say that I feel very grateful towards all you people...

Lisa Li replied 1 month ago

Complement Domino with a tutor

Hello all - I've been studying Domino for a good year but feel like speaking skills and listening comprehension need ...

James M replied 1 month ago

Android app?

I can't find the Android app in the play store and in the website when I click the logo it says coming soon. I alread...

Domino Gavin replied 4 months ago

Website v4 looking good.

👀Check out the new v4 version of the website👀 I like the updates to the v4 website. Nice work! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 The breadcrumb...

Domino Gavin replied 5 months ago

Flashcards reset?

Any way to reset Flashcards? I am starting Domino's Nano Course, and I would like to have Flashcards follow allow wi...

Jessica Hershey replied 5 months ago

Interactive Guide to the New HSK

Hi all! Dan from Hack Chinese here. We just launched an interactive guide to the New HSK, which reveals a few things ...

Domino Gavin replied 5 months ago

White v. Black star

When I finish a lesson the star gets filled to signal that it has been competed, but it did not happen when I complet...

Domino Gavin replied 5 months ago

Counting, Names and You

Hello Everyone, After finishing the 1st level, which was amazing by the way, and I'm already able to read some senten...

Domino Gavin replied 5 months ago

大学 vs. Domino Chinese

你好, I recently enrolled in a Chinese course at a 大学. I'll be interested to see how it stands up to Domino Chinese...

Domino Gavin replied 5 months ago

Any tips for HSK exam?

How long would it take from no Chinese proficiency to HSK 6? Any advice would be appreciated greatly. xiexie, guys.

Max N. replied 6 months ago

Flashcards v. Real Usage

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting better at actual usage? I'm at about 2400 characters in the flash cards ...

Domino Gavin replied 7 months ago