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Jackie Damkjær Hansen 4 months ago
New course structure (Where to begin if you are on the advanced path)

To those who are pretty far into the old advanced path. How do you handle the new course structure? Do you just scrab your progress on the old advanced path and begin with the new structure or do you just continue with the old course? (Domino team may also give some suggestions)

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 4 months ago

Just looked a bit more at the new structure. It looks like the new structure is way shorter than the advanced path. The advanced path (HSK 4) was 10 courses with 3000+ words. The new structure gives the HSK 4 2 courses and below 1000 words. I`m a bit bewildered here. It seems the course has just been made easier, or maybe just more focused on just learning the words you need to pass HSK...

Ifor Williams 4 months ago

Check out the FAQ page, "Course Related" section here where the changes are explained in a bit more detail:

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 4 months ago

I read that. I still wonder why the words count for the HSK 4 course has been decreased from 3000+ to below 1000 words. Think Il just finish the advanced path since Im already so far into it.

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 4 months ago

I`m also using Hack Chinese, which has not been updated to the new Domino Chinese structure.

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