Mredpath86 2 years ago
Flash card settings

Is there going to be any changes in the flash card settings coming soon? Like the ability to push cards out of rotation for longer periods of time so the amount of cards everyday isn’t so overwhelming

Ifor Williams 2 years ago

We don't currently have any way to defer cards, but you can flag or bury cards by doing to and viewing the "My Flashcards" page. Flagging a card means it will always appear each time you study, whilst burying a card means you will never see this card.

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

Thanks for that, Ifor.

Also, reviewing flashcards in each lesson breaks them down nicely into manageable and more focused chunks.

Mredpath86 2 years ago

Thank you for the reply, is there a way to sort the cards on For example, could I sort them by easiness to bury cards that have a high easiness score?

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