Felix Lattman 2 weeks ago
Domino Classroom - Replace University!

Domino Chinese started in 2013. Today, 8 years later, we are infinitely proud and excited to announce Domino Classroom.

Join a class with your own personal teacher, and learn twice as much as you would in University in half the time!

Sign up now and get Felix, the Founder of Domino Chinese, as your own teacher. Only 14 seats left!



Jackie Damkjær Hansen 2 weeks ago

I just read that this course is primarily for complete beginners and you learn some basic concepts, that we go through in the fluency course. At what level in the domino Chinese ranking system would you say, that this course is not worth the time? I just don`t want to waste my time and take the place from someone else. ;)

Felix Lattman 2 weeks ago

The current 20 levels will be reduced and compressed to 12 levels over the next 5 months. We are preparing to offer level 1-12 of DC as a program. That will cover HSK 1,2,3,4. (Eventually we'll cover HSK 5 also). We strongly suggest all our students to start with this course regardless as we cover all key aspects and start having conversations completely in Chinese already at this stage. When you finish this course you can proceed to the next one, which will cover domino level 3,4.

I hope that answered your question!

John Morgan 1 week ago

Hi Felix! This new course sounds great, and I'm sure the remaining places will be snapped up! I'll recommend it to any beginners who ask. 加油!
I was about to ask the exact same question as Jackie. I honestly don't think I could face any beginner course again, even if I could afford the time or money. 😅
I hope in the future you might consider offering an intermediate level course for the many Domino students who have progressed well past the beginner stage in their Chinese studies, and who don't have the need or time for a beginner level course. 谢谢🙏

Felix Lattman 1 week ago

So we will more advanced courses. We will always recommend our students start from scratch but I understand if you really don't want to. We are thinking about a way to give you a test you can pass, then you can start with the next course. Something like that.

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 1 week ago

I had already studied Chinese for 1 year before joining domino Chinese and did beginning from level 1 at domino Chinese and would recommend that for anyone. Not starting from the beginning at domino Chinese is like starting at page 400 in a Harry Botter book, because you have seen the first 30 min of the movie. Anyway. I don`t want to start over a third time. xD Would have loved, if this course was there when i started learning though. :)

Max N. 1 week ago

Hi Felix! Regarding the HSK levels covered: Up to the new HSK 4 level or the old HSK 4 level. Since the new one seems a lot more ambitious with more vocabulary as well and if I heard correctly you'll need to be able to handwrite a couple of characters from memory.

Claire Xiong 4 days ago

I was going to register for Classroom but I keep getting an error message, is the Class full?

Domino Gavin 1 day ago

Hi Claire, There are currently 3 seats left. Would you mind trying again on the classroom page? https://classroom.dominochinese.com/#enroll_container

I have already sent you an email. Let's talk there :)

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