Rachael Schmidt 2 years ago
Private Domino Tutor

How do you find a private Domino tutor? Someone to help you with speaking what you're working on in DC? I'm familiar with iTalki and Hellotalk, but how do you get someone to help with speaking, creating new sentences, etc... who's familiar with DC?

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

If it helps I am using preply and found some good tutors on there....I just tell them exactly what I want. I would say only use a tutor for things you cannot do on your own....so use the time mostly for conversation no matter how basic. Ask them to correct the big things but let the smaller mistakes go and just let you know about them at the end of class. For example my tutor writes me a little report at end of class.

Rachael Schmidt 2 years ago

Thank you so much Simon! I really appreciate your feedback.

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