Intesar Nur 2 years ago
Chinese Movies and Series

What series or movies have you started watching? Apart from Viki what other places are good to watch chinese movies or series.

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

我看正阳门下正阳门下小女人,愛情公寓。 I watch 'The Story of Zheng Yang Gate' (set in the 1950s). The two series focus on different aspects of the time and are not connected. The series with the little woman added to the title has some Russian actors as well.

The last series is ai qing gong yu (Love Apartment). No, it's not a sexy show or anything like that. It's a sitcom with young twenty-somethings. I suppose it's a bit like Friends.

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

Try these Chinese services IQIYI, YouKu

IQIYI has free-to-view and premium, VIP memberships. Older shows may be free, while the newest are under VIP membership. YouKu is like YouTube.

Russ Kuksin 2 years ago

Could anyone suggest an animated show? Children cartoons or such? Also if there are any video games recomendations?

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

@Russ, there are lots of children's shows here.

Jonatan Solve 2 years ago

@Russ try 喜洋洋与灰太狼(xiyangyang yu huitailang), very entertaining with clear pronunciation.

Andrei Formiga 2 years ago

Regarding cartoons one that works for me is Peppa Pig. Yeah. My youngest son watched it a lot, so I know what's going on in the episodes, the storylines are quite simple and straightforward to understand, but it's still amusing. The Chinese dub is good and I find it easy to follow. It's easy to find episodes with Chinese dub on Youtube or Youku.

Russ Kuksin 2 years ago

Thank you everyone for suggestions. Watching something simple like cartoons for children is definitely helping to tune my ear. Also found that Netflix has quite a variety of Chineese movies. In last couple of days watched "Detective Dee" and "Shadow" and liked both very much. Even managed to pick out a word here or a phrase there. Still alot to learn.

Sad that apparently there is only Cantoneese version of "Ip Man" on Netflix.

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

There's so much more to Chinese TV and film than Netflix. Have a good look through IQIYI.

Mel 2 years ago

This isn't necessarily easy enough for Domino learners (at level 6) but it's a pretty interesting series and rather funny, called 庆余年 (Joy of Life). You can find the whole series with Eng sub on youtube. It's based on a web novel of the same name. I highly recommend it for an entertaining Chinese drama.

Johann Og 2 years ago

I'm watching on Netflix the king's avatar, even though I'm not in to e-sports I'm really enjoying it.

Russ Kuksin 2 years ago

Got into the "King's avatar" and enjoying it very much! Not for everyone I guess, but I like the theme of competetive e-sports and online RPG. Tried to watch "Joy of Life" on youtube and the intro song alone made me want to watch it, but youtube subtitles don't want to work for me. For some reason they live their own life independent from video, so it is in my list, but I'm not at level when I can watch without subtitles. Sad.

Alexander Beadle 2 years ago

I've started watching the anime 镇魂街 (Rakshasa Street) on YouTube with English and Mandarin subs. I'm not hugely into romance and drama, so this got recommended to me as a good anime to watch since it's all about supernatural stuff. I'm enjoy it so far! I also got told I would enjoy 全职高手 (The King's Avatar), so I'm going to start that after I finish the first season of Rakshasa Street

Andrei Formiga 2 years ago

Two other recommendations that may be useful: Viki is a Korean site but also has many Chinese dramas, some of them have Mandarin subtitles and it has a "learn mode" where you can watch the show with English+Mandarin subtitles, lookup words using the mouse, navigate by line, etc.

For children's cartoons, there's also Little Fox Chinese it's a children's site for children learning Mandarin, it has cartoon stories classified by level, some of the stories are too childish or too simple but the series (as opposed to the one-off stories) are at least watchable. The Journey to the East series seems very interesting but it's too advanced for me at the moment. Anyway, it has many tools for learning and using the site on PC is free.

Andrei Formiga 2 years ago

I meant Journey to the West, of course, 西游记

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

Just discovered this, there are other languages but lots of Chinese content.

Sanjivasumskavila 2 years ago

I watch Chinese dramas on youtube. I am currently watching Eternal Love of Dream. They have both english subs and pinyin!

Brittney Maughan 2 years ago

I have watched more Chinese dramas than I should ever admit to ;-) I really enjoy them and other than when I am with my family on the weekends I don't watch but maybe an hour of TV in English anymore. If you need any recommendations on C-drama I like to research on MyDramaList and then find where I can watch it, usually on Viki or Youtube. My current watches are Boss and Me (杉杉来了)and Love Me if You Dare (他来了,请闭眼)

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