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Domino Chinese merch?

Does anyone know if there is currently a Domino Chinese merch store? If not I think that would be a great idea. We se...

Ran Boskis replied 3 years ago

Hi there

Loving being back here!

Sdfdsf replied 3 years ago

Practice your writing

Hey if anyone wants to practice writing a journal in Chinese you can go to this site and post it and native speakers ...

Simon Robinson replied 3 years ago

Video Comments

Hello! Does anyone know if the comments left on the videos get answered? I was just going through a lesson and saw co...

Niklas Hagenow replied 3 years ago

Music in chinese

What music in chinese do you listen to?

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 3 years ago

HSK Reading

I am sure most of you know about this.....but just in case. It is like a 100% free version o...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 3 years ago

Story time's not matching chapters

I figured it's because Story time is a bit outdated with the new order of chapters. How should I deal with it? Just g...

Christopher Schubert replied 3 years ago

Video load times very slow

Hi, is anyone else experiencing very slow video load times? I am using an iPad pro and videos take a long time to loa...

Niklas Hagenow replied 3 years ago

Completed my first level

That was hard!

saima (雪) replied 3 years ago

Questions Before Subscribing

Hey all! I first found out about DominoChinese a long time ago (when Felix was first releasing his videos) and it has...

Simon Robinson replied 3 years ago

Payment Information

How to remove your payment information from this site?

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 3 years ago

Question about approach + how to practice.

I have two main questions: What order and in what frequency should people use the different parts of Domino's learni...

Dan Ostrowski replied 3 years ago

New to this

Hello my name is Kei. I’m Nigerian by birth. And would love to be fluent in Chinese one day. Currently, I live in ...

Claudia D. replied 3 years ago

I'm behind in studying my flash cards. Should I catch up before continuing?

Previously, I was studying very consistently, but I stopped for a few months. Now, I'm quite behind. Currently, I hav...

Zoey Richards replied 3 years ago

Character Building Blocks?

Can someone point to me to the list/pdf of Character Building Blocks from Domino? It used to be on the website but I ...

Zoey Richards replied 3 years ago