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I paid for three Domino live classes

I was told I would have access to the material covered by the live classes. Which would be the first large section a...

Melissa Gendron replied 11 months ago

🎉🧧Happy Chinese New Year🧧🎉

Hey guys. Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the ox bring you happiness and success! 小小分享: 恭喜发财 Gōng Xǐ...

Max N. replied 3 years ago

New to this

Hello my name is Kei. I’m Nigerian by birth. And would love to be fluent in Chinese one day. Currently, I live in ...

Claudia D. replied 3 years ago

Other meanings for basic words....

I am sure I have said a lot of these

Simon Robinson posted 4 years ago

I'll pay. No! I'll pay. No I'll pay!

I'll pay. No! I'll pay. No I'll pay! If you have been to enough Chinese restaurants in China, you may have noticed p...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 4 years ago

English mixed with Chinese

I'm interested to know what you all think about the use of English words mixed with Chinese. There have been variou...

Gary Mitchell replied 4 years ago

Should I learn Cantonese after Mandarin?

I absolute love this course and love how Mandarin Chinese works and I am hoping this course will be the beginning of ...

Malachi 平王 replied 4 years ago