Mebious _ 3 years ago
Story time's not matching chapters

I figured it's because Story time is a bit outdated with the new order of chapters. How should I deal with it? Just go with it and consider it to be an introduction to the new words being used? ( Usually they show up in later chapters). I've been guilty of just skipping story time for now and telling myself I'll get back to it later.

Max N. 3 years ago

Yeah I had the same trouble as you. I just listen to it and ignore new words. They'll come up eventually. Some other people here listen to older story times when a fresh one comes up so all vocab is already known. I assume the issue is know at dominos and hopefully there will be a fix soon...

Christopher Schubert 3 years ago

I've also experienced the same issues with story times. I've tried to push through them, but I'm not sure how much it's really helping me. My brain gets caught up on the words I don't know and then I fall behind in the dialogue and have to pause and/or rewind. I'm honestly just thinking of skipping them.

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