Jacob Foster 3 years ago
Questions Before Subscribing

Hey all!

I first found out about DominoChinese a long time ago (when Felix was first releasing his videos) and it has been in my mind ever since. I have a couple of quick questions that I am hoping I can get some answers to before I decide to subscribe.

  1. I am interested in learning the phonetic + semantic components of the characters and how they are built in that way.

  2. What is the content update schedule like? I know I won't get to a level requiring new content for awhile but I want to make sure this product is still being developed before I commit.

Also, if anyone has any testimonials or anything they'd like to throw on here, that is also welcome!

Thanks for any and all answers.

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

Hello Jacob,

I joined Domino Chinese without watching any YouTube videos, so I cannot comment on what is new content based on that. What I can say is that there does appear to be a mix of old and new videos for the same language points. The new content, judging by the video quality, acts as an extension to the previous teaching. So, it seems that the content is being developed to this day.

Felix does break-down characters into their separate parts and explains them.

A am satisfied with what I have learned so far (now on level 6) and I am sure I'll be happy as I progress. I'm going through a review phase at the moment. Ah, on that note, review the flashcards or they will build up to quite a stack in a short time.

I'm sure you'll enjoy working through the modules.

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Super happy with Domino it is so much better than most products out there. I have learned so many new words and aha moments from the way i understood these terms to be in the past. I am on level 7....lot of great old and updated (I think) Plus there is the fluency course then the advanced course....so more than enough content even if it is not being developed. For Flash cards I use Anki as I prefer that but on the while one of the best courses out there for way less money than many averages courses.

Max N. 3 years ago

I'm also quite happy with domino, although you should take their advertisement "fluent in 9 weeks" with a grain of salt. To achieve that you'd need to finish a level per week which boils down to a chapter each day which has 4 lessons each with up to 20 videos. The claim is that everyone could do that while working which seems impossible to me. Knowing and accepting this the course offers a good value and Felix is a great teacher. The input is still a lot though. You just keep on reviewing the flashcards everyday and then you'll be fine. After 4 months with the course and Level 5 I feel my Chinese advanced a great bit and I feel confident to speak a little bit.

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Yep the fluency claims actually do them a disservice as do their promotion of the lady who got it super quick ' Vanessa ' as she had Felix to go through each lesson, so had speaking practice constantly. Also Though there is the Flash Card system there is no spaced repetition for audio....so get yourself glossika (paid) or Speechling free for mass exposure to audio presented with spaced repetition. As listening is a massive key to becoming functional in the language. Input then Output. Nothing is perfect....but it is better than most product for way better price.

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