Steph Lee100 3 years ago
Character Building Blocks?

Can someone point to me to the list/pdf of Character Building Blocks from Domino? It used to be on the website but I cannot find it anymore...

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

It looks like it will be on the Study Resources page, but the link is not in the text yet.

Max N. 3 years ago

it used to be there. But they took it out. They moved a bunch of this stuff to the course level overview, so I guess they must have missed this when moving all the other resources

Zoey Richards 3 years ago

I have a copy of it. I'm not sure if links are allowed but if so here is the file on dropbox:

I did some poking around and couldn't find anything on the site proper. Hopefully this is the right one! :)

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