Samuel Taylor 3 years ago
how do you retake a level test and make it work? need a button

I took the level 4 final test, and failed it (because there are about a dozen ways to type in all the sentences that don't seem to be in the accepted answers!! basically, i feel like when a "type this sentence" question comes up, it's pure chance if I get it right, even if my grammar is fine, but that is a different story).

My main problem is that I couldn't find an easy way to retake the test. In the end, I re did the end of Level 4 Lesson 5 test, and it passed me through to the Level 4 overall test. I've retaken it twice now, but even though I pass, there's no certification award or anything. And I'm not progressing to Level 5. Instead, I'm being thrown back into the beginning of Level 4, Lesson 3 for some reason.

There needs to be an easier way to retake the level tests (can we get a button? if there is one, I have no idea where it is), and some testing to make sure that when you pass a retest it actually works.

Joshua Kaufmann 3 years ago

Did you check through the lessons and chapters in the level to make sure everything has a solid star? Sometimes, the site doesn't realize you've actually finished a section. I've had that mess me up when trying to move forward.

Ifor Williams 3 years ago

From your dashboard you can click on Browse Courses link, or the Switch Courses link from the learn page, from course select page, click the "view details" button for the course you're on and you can go directly to any of the level quizzes.

There is a known issue with the chapter completions which in turn affect the level completions. If you have passed the level quiz once I implement the fix your progress should also be updated correctly.

If you have any suggestions in terms of the navigation or any bugs you'd like to report, please let us know via the feedback form - we will get to them as soon as possible!

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