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Any tips for HSK exam?

How long would it take from no Chinese proficiency to HSK 6? Any advice would be appreciated greatly. xiexie, guys.

Max N. replied 1 year ago

Flashcards are really nice now!

Just wanted to say I'm loving the newly improved Domino flashcards. The most useful improvement for me was the keyboa...

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

Flashcards v. Real Usage

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting better at actual usage? I'm at about 2400 characters in the flash cards ...

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

a good person

Hi, I just learn Level 1. measure words. Do we say 一好个人 or 一个好人? 谢谢。

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

PDF for vocabulary are better labeled now

I really like that the lesson vocabulary PDF files have been relabeled. I always print them out before the lessons. I...

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

No more video index while studying using a browser :(

I have noticed that since the latest update the video index doesn't exist anymore. I liked it a lot since it gave me ...

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

两 v 二

Two is 二 Two People is 两个人 Is 22 people 两十两个人? 谢谢

Domino Gavin replied 1 year ago

Are there any apps out there for practicing pronounciations?

Hi as the title says, I am looking for a app on the web or phone where you can practice your pronunciations, for exam...

Daniel Jansson replied 1 year ago

anki deck for level 21 to 23

does any one have a file for anki Level 21 to 23? i prefer anki since i already been using is for 3 years already. Th...

Peter Reisner replied 1 year ago

Not all words were transferred to Flashcard?

So basically I just returned to Domino Chinese and discovered the flashcard features and started using it. I noticed ...

Max N. replied 1 year ago

Is 多多英文 comparable to Domino Chinese?

I know that they teach opposite things and no one here will ever need to take it, but to be honest I am downright cur...

John Morgan replied 1 year ago

How to access the Chapter Quiz?

I just finished Level 2, chapter 1, all 3 lessons, I cannot access the Chapter 1 quiz. How can I do that?

John Morgan replied 1 year ago

Lesson Quiz: Level 2 is not the right one

The quiz that shows at the end of Level 2 Chapter 1 is incorrect it shows questions that are not part of that chapter

Ferran Brichs posted 1 year ago

Suggestions for Listening Practice

Does anyone have suggestions for listening practice? Ideas for an advanced beginner or low intermediate student would...

Christopher Schubert replied 1 year ago

Flashcard and vocab review tools

I appreciate the option to sort flashcards on the web version of the site, will this feature eventually come to the a...

Max N. replied 1 year ago