263661344 2 weeks ago
Any tips for HSK exam?

How long would it take from no Chinese proficiency to HSK 6?

Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

xiexie, guys.

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 2 weeks ago

Four years of full-time study at a university. Full time study is considered like a FULL JOB. So around 40+ hours a week. According to a language institute it takes 2200 ( for English speakers) to get fluent in chinese, so just divide that to how much you will study BUT it all depends on how good you are at taking in languages and how effective you study. Anyway HSK 6 should be your goal. Thats just TO far away. I`m danish, so for me i can learn german in like 1-2 years, but chinese is a WHOLE diffrent ball game. If your japanese, korean or speak any language close to chinese you might learn the language much faster. Anyway. But down a more reachable goal. ;) LIke. I want to finish the fluency course on domino chinese in 6 month or I will take 1 lesson a day and finish all my flashcards. ;)

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 2 weeks ago

correction "HSK 6 should NOT be your goal if you just started learning Chinese"

Jackie Damkjær Hansen 2 weeks ago

But what do I know. Just my opinion. :)

Chantal Overbeeke 2 weeks ago

I started with Domino Chinese about 1.5 years ago. I'm currently studying the academic course (level 22), and am about to take the HSK 5 exam. Since Domino doesn't teach according to HSK vocabulary, I already know quite a lot of HSK 6 words as well. I'd estimate that it's feasible to get to HSK 6 in another 6 months, which would mean 2 years of studying in total. Of course this depends on your feeling with the language, and how much time you can spend on it. The first 8 months or so I problably studied about 15 to 20 hours a week. Now I usually study only a few hours a week (but I do review flashcards every day).

I totally agree with Jackie though, that HSK6 should not be your goal if you just started with Chinese, because it will definitely take time to reach that goal.

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