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The use of 吗

In the flash cards is this: 你不这道这个是什么吗? Why is 吗 used when 什么 is used? I thought the 吗 could be droppe...

John Morgan replied 3 months ago

Difference between 你很 and 你这个人很

What is the difference between 你很… and 你这个人很… Example 他人很内向。 I tried looking it up but I can’t find anyt...

Lovemyvizla replied 4 months ago

回家 Lesson

Within the lesson for 回家, an example was presented of: I’m going home = 我要回家。 Doesn’t this mean = I want to go...

Ciaranjmurdock replied 4 months ago

两 v 二

Two is 二 Two People is 两个人 Is 22 people 两十两个人? 谢谢

Domino Gavin replied 9 months ago

Any great grammar resources?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any resources for apps/sites that are able to explain grammar in more det...

茱莉 張 replied 1 year ago

Why aren't all countries countries?

大家好! Spain的名字是西班牙和Canada名是加拿大。为什么它们没有‘国’? 你们知道为什么一些国没有‘国’?

Charles Lemon replied 1 year ago

Practice Time! Only Chinese! - or at least one sentence :)

Let's practice and help each other correcting out sentences! 加油!

Diogo Souza replied 1 year ago

Drop Character

In the vids you show the drop character and it's leaning to the left, but in the bai character it's leaning to the ri...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 1 year ago