Daniel Jansson 3 weeks ago
Are there any apps out there for practicing pronounciations?

Hi as the title says, I am looking for a app on the web or phone where you can practice your pronunciations, for example if you say a word or meaning with wrong pronunciation the app should be able to tell that you are pronouncing it wrong?

I have been googling this online and those that I could found didn't worked so well, one even approved my intentionally wrong pronounced '好'

John Morgan 3 weeks ago

Hi! Which ones have you tried? Name and shame! 😉

Of the few I found, the best was an app called "SuperChinese". I don't recommend the app for learning because the grammar descriptions are poor and its expensive, but you can try it for free and the speech recognition and accuracy seemed pretty good and strict. You get a percent mark for the whole sentence spoken and hanzi are coloured green for perfectly pronounced, black for okay, and red for bad.
I tried HelloChinese but that seemed to mark as perfect however lazily I pronounced words.
I would also be interested to know of any good apps for comparison!

Daniel Jansson 3 weeks ago

Most of them I have been trying are so bad that its not even worth mentioning it here But I have found that Google Translate seems to work fine for me for now. I tried using its speech recognition to read a sentence in chinese and translate it into english, it works "fine" as intended when I intentionally use wrong pronounciations and it translates wrong because then I know it works, so that I can use that to practice pronounciation for now.

I will try out "SuperChinese" also, thanks.

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