John Morgan 2 weeks ago
Flashcards are really nice now!

Just wanted to say I'm loving the newly improved Domino flashcards.
The most useful improvement for me was the keyboard shortcuts, thats made it a joy to use. The additional settings are also really useful, especially the option to toggle auto-play of audio, although I have it turned off as it's too slow slow to load so it's great to have the option.
多谢 to Ifor and crew (or is it just Ifor? 😃). It's much appreciated that you keep on improving the site! 👍 Now I just need to work my way through almost 5000 cards that had built up. 😂.

Ifor Williams 2 weeks ago

We've had super developer Charlie working on the new design of the site and the iOS app, whilst I've been working on the server/API side as well as the new Domino Classroom pages. Glad you like it, we are constantly wanting to improve the site and add new features to help you learn!

Domino Gavin 1 week ago

谢谢 for the support! John

Kumarsaurabh471990 1 week ago

I found one issue that if I select perfect or remembered it kept on showing again and again. But If I select forgot or don't know it does not come again. Can you explain the algorithm of this. or maybe any software error?

Lee Saunders (大力) 1 week ago

@Kumarsaurabh471990, you should submit a support ticket rather than post issues here.

John Morgan 4 days ago

D'oh! Seems like I've jinxed flashcards by praising them. 😂🤦‍♂️

Domino Gavin 7 hours ago

@ Kumarsaurabh471990 Thanks for pointing it out. we are working on it right now. Thank you.

Domino Gavin 7 hours ago

@John Morgan 😂

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