Ronny Wisløff Andersen 6 months ago
White v. Black star

When I finish a lesson the star gets filled to signal that it has been competed, but it did not happen when I completed the first chapter. Chapter 1 is complete but the star is still white? Can anyone think of a reason that keeps the star from filling?

G H 6 months ago

same here, all my lessons are marked complete but some chapter won't mark. don't know why, tried to redo some of the quizzes and stuff, but no difference. maybe a bug

Domino Gavin 4 months ago

Hi guys,

I’m sorry for the poor experience. We will fix it soon.


John Morgan 2 weeks ago

I've noticed that this has been fixed now! 🎉 Now that the chapter stars fill in, it's much easier to see where we've got to. Thanks Domino! 😃 加油!

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