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Anyone having trouble with the videos?

Hi everyone, I just subscribed and was really excited about the course, but none of the videos will play for me. I ha...

Simon Robinson replied 4 years ago

Domino Chinese vs Udemi

Dear Domino community: I am not a subscriber yet. As I test the system, I came across these questions and I would liv...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 4 years ago

Where can I take HSK?

I am wondering where I could take the official HSK tests. In official I mean official enough to put on a resume. Can ...

Malachi 平王 replied 4 years ago

Domino Chinese WeChat group?

Hey, I'm pretty new to the forum but I remember hearing about a WeChat group for Domino and I would love to join that...

Lee White-Campbell replied 4 years ago

Other meanings for basic words....

I am sure I have said a lot of these

Simon Robinson posted 4 years ago

Space repetition flashcards with Domino vocab

Based on someone's recommendation here on the Forum I started using for vocab/flashcard practice - th...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 4 years ago

Story Time

how can i navigate to the Story Times for each Chapter on the new website? is it hidden somewhere?

Ifor Williams replied 4 years ago

HSK 1 Tips

I'm getting closer to signing up for the HSK 1, I think I'll try it in July (07/2020). Anyone have any tips on conque...

Andrei Formiga replied 4 years ago

Where are the dialogues?

I don't know if this was a change in the system or not, but before I could see many Easy/Beginner dialogues and now I...

Andrei Formiga replied 4 years ago

Practice Time! Only Chinese! - or at least one sentence :)

Let's practice and help each other correcting out sentences! 加油!

Diogo Muniz de Souza replied 4 years ago

Daily Studying Routine?

What's your daily study routine you use for Domino Chinese? Currently I do a lesson a day and below is what sorta wor...

DELETED replied 4 years ago

Domino History!

We've started working on a history course that presents the content just like a Domino course. In the latest episode,...

Charles Lemon replied 4 years ago

Anki-Creating a Review deck that only uses Recognition Cards

My review deck is piling up and it takes to long to review all cards that are due. So i wanted to take it more relaxe...

Johann Kröber replied 4 years ago

Cannot find course book

So far i can only find the vocabulary list for the respective level. However the link to townload the coursebook per ...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 4 years ago

I'll pay. No! I'll pay. No I'll pay!

I'll pay. No! I'll pay. No I'll pay! If you have been to enough Chinese restaurants in China, you may have noticed p...

Lee Saunders (大力) replied 4 years ago