Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago
Great improvements to the website - Thank you

Thank you to Felix and the whole Domino Chinese team for getting this major update done. I really like the new additions to the website. I'm sure they will be extremely useful.

Kai Löffler 3 years ago

Looks great indeed - very gamified! Definitely the way forward. I also like how it prompts to be more active on the forum as well to build the community ! : )

Ann Zhu 3 years ago

Hi 大力 and Kai, glad that you like the upgrade!

Robert 3 years ago

I agree amazing work Felix, Ann Zhu and Domino staff. The only issue I found was when printing the vocabulary the characters, words print in small scale the previous old website version the font size was more larger in size, readable. Besides that issue everything is amazing with the new website improvement, keep it up. 谢谢

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