Max N. 2 years ago
Storytime vocab

大家好 I've noticed that in the story time videos a lot of vocab is used which isn't taught in the course. It's still understandable, but makes it a bit frustrating since I fell lagging behind when doing this exercise instead of feeling the success of understanding the story. Will there be a rework of the story time or at least some extra videos beforehand to teach the additional vocabulary? Otherwise I think the course is great and I love the rework which has been done so far. Cheers

Russ Kuksin 2 years ago

I actually feel the same way!

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

You might like these grade readers, just using 150 characters.

Joshua Kaufmann 2 years ago

I never noticed that issue, personally. Did you ever jump ahead to a story time from a future chapter?

Max N. 2 years ago

I do the storytime when it's suggested to me. Maybe it changes in later levels, but on 2 and 3 I noticed it

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

There are some new words in the stories, but I think you can focus mostly on what you do understand or have been taught in the chapter. Think of the stories as review, and ignore the occasional new word, or look it up in the dictionary. Also, you can get an understanding of any new words from the translations.

Keep moving forward. I would say that as you can understand the stories, you have been successful. A new word cannot take away that success. You're doing well. :)

Russ Kuksin 2 years ago

I see what you saying, but it is not really an "occasional new word", but whole bunch of them instead which are taught in the very next chapter. Seems like the story is happenning right before the chapter with vocab relevant to it, and what I feel is that I'd like it to happen right after it :)

Lee Saunders (大力) 2 years ago

I just checked the order of the stories in story book against the order on the website for levels 1 - 3, and they are the same, but I didn't check that all of the words are the same.

Tair Sanai 2 years ago

I've noticed that the storytime is some kind of introduction to the next lesson topics. Uknown stuff is being reviewed after the story time.

G H 2 years ago

I have the same experience. I think some time ago there was maybe some video reshuffling and now it’s not quite in the right order for the storytimes anymore. I can remember that i didn’t have that issue like a year ago. At that time all the words were taught before.

I currently skip the new storytimes and instead watch an older one from 1 or 2 chapters ago, so most of the words in there are teached by then...

Sebastian Au 2 years ago

I have the same feedback for the 'Dialogues' in the review section. Even those that are marked 'easy' include a lot of advanced vocabulary - I just completed level 5 and am studying quite a bit every week but still find it hard to follow the dialogues, while the story times are ok.

Simon Robinson 2 years ago

I thought it was only me for the dialouges.....I saw the easy and thought well I am still rubbish then :)I am using Duchinese for now. Hopefully they can make some more accessible. Based on Level.

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