Amanda Fischer 3 years ago
Reset flashcards?

Hello all,

I took a long break from Domino after finishing level 1 about a year and a half ago. I've come back and found myself with 434 overdue flashcards in the Domino site/app. I considered starting over from the beginning, but decided instead to re-watch the videos for unit 5 of level 1, and found I remember much more than I thought. However those flashcards are still hanging over my head no matter how much I work on them. Does anyone know of a way to reset the flashcards without resetting progress on the whole course? Or maybe I should consider it a lost cause and just start with Quizlet or Anki? Thanks!

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Better off moving over to Anki or Quizlet...much more flexible going forward.

Ferran Brichs 3 years ago

Having the same problem, has this been addressed ?

Pavel Alexandrovski 3 years ago

哦 我也有这个问题阿!

Julian Wong 3 years ago

Hi Amanda, I feel your pain! I hadn't studied my flashcards for about a week and ended up with 495 overdue flashcards - 哈哈哈!I felt like resetting them but didn't know how to either. So I just did them all today. My brain is now mush, or as Felix will teach you in a later lesson: 我的头麻了!(my head is numb!).

I recently began using Hack Chinese for flashcards because it has all the translations on the cards. But I'll probably go back to Domino's flashcards once they're finished with translations and audio.

Anyway, I'm keen to see if their is a way to reset the flashcards too! jia you!!!

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

I ticketed this a while ago, and to have a pause/freeze deck button. My card stack is almost 2,000! Once you start, they just keep on coming.

I do like the Domino flashcards, and don't see the need to go onto another subscription service at this time, especially as the domino cards link to the video lesson the word features in.

Julian Wong 3 years ago

@Lee Saunders - holy moly! I always roll my eyes when I see I about 100 cards! haha, I can't imagine what it'd be like to have 2000!

Max N. 3 years ago

I personally use the Pleco dictionary app with the srs module for vocabulary. If you have so many overdue cards (it happens easily once you know more words and skipped studying for a day or two) just do increments of 100 a time. I do one set, take a break and then do another one.

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi Amanda, Glad to see you’re back! Only reseting the flashcards isn’t possible at the moment, in a few weeks we’ll be able to order the flashcards by level, so you can just review level 1 or level 2 etc, we’re getting there! Very soon!!

Joshua Kaufmann 3 years ago

Domino, that will be really useful! Will we be able to choose to ignore specific levels? For example, if we want to just focus on 3-5 and ignore 1 and 2. Are you also working on ignoring specific cards? Thanks for all your work!

Ifor Williams 3 years ago

Hey guys, yes this has been a pretty requested feature, it's on the todo list - please bear with us!

Iril Rf 2 years ago

any update on this? how can I reset flashcards progress? thanks

John Morgan 2 years ago

Hi all.
Did you notice that if you just want to review a specific level you can already do that (the feature mentioned by Gavin 👍). You just select a list from the dropdown menu that starts out saying "all courses". Isn't that enough? It's like temporarily hiding all the words you are not currently studying.

Also check out Hack Chinese flashcards (I'm surprised Dan hasn't already put an advert in this thread 😉) . On there you can "cram" a specific list of words, like for an exam. But even then they don't recommend doing it too often.

imho if you find flashcards a chore and think that 100 is a lot then perhaps just don't use them at all. After all, anything you don't find fun will only hinder your learning. There are other ways to memorise things, like mnemonics, and "memory palaces" to name two. Just my opinion though! 😋 Anyway, enjoy your learning! 好好学习天天向上。加油!

Domino Gavin 2 years ago

Thanks John 🤝

Iril Rf 2 years ago

Thank you very much

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