Felix Lattman 3 years ago
Practice Vocab with Hack Chinese!

We've partnered with the best learning partners to give you the best tools to learn. Please read more about Hack Chinese here. https://www.dominochinese.com/pages/domino-partners

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

I have been using Hack Chinese for some time now and have to say it is working great with learning all the Domino vocab. I used to be a bit worried about being able to learn all the characters but crazily I am actually finding myself knowing more and more just by following Hack. I kind of pre-learn a lot of the vocab so when Felix introduces it I get a lot more of a clear idea of the usage as I do not need to worry to much about the character.

Julian Wong 3 years ago

Nice! I just signed up for the trial and see how it goes.

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

One cool thing to remember with Hack is that if you are halfway through the course let's say level 5 then you can add this vocab in as 'assumed' this way hack checks you for this vocab over a customizable time period. It makes it more efficient, then new vocab from future levels you add in as normal to your lists. I found the support pretty cool also as I wanted to squeeze as much out of it as possible and they were very flexible with helping me set up lists.

Daniel 3 years ago

Hi everyone! Daniel from Hack Chinese here. I’m suuuuuper excited to collaborate with the Domino community and learn together, so thanks for having me!

I’d like to highlight a few features of Hack Chinese that current Domino students have told us they find particularly useful.

If you’ve been to our website https://www.hackchinese.com/domino, you probably know that Hack Chinese helps you learn Chinese vocabulary. And yes, we have all the boring things you’d expect, like:

  • Spaced repetition
  • Pre-populated word lists
  • An integrated dictionary
  • Example sentences

You right now: “Another flashcard app?!”

We know. We get it. Maybe you’ve tried Anki, Quizlet or a number of other apps. You just want to pick one that does the job and get on with it.

But consider:

  • If your goal is literacy or conversational proficiency, you will need to learn and remember thousands of Chinese words.
  • To overcome a challenge of this magnitude, one of your biggest obstacles will be finding a learning process that’s both simple and enjoyable enough that you can stick with it long enough for your efforts to matter.
  • Finding efficient tools that you enjoy using can lead to massive payoffs in time saved, which can be the difference between reaching your goals or giving up entirely.

At Hack Chinese, we focus exclusively on teaching Mandarin Chinese words, squeezing every ounce of efficiency into the process that we can, while keeping everything as simple and delightful as possible.

Here are a few ways using Hack Chinese will help you learn Chinese faster, seem simpler, and feel more satisfying:

  • When you join, we ask you how much of Domino’s curriculum you have already completed. This enables us to teach new-to-you vocabulary right away (from your upcoming Domino lessons). We’ve heard from some Domino students that learning the vocabulary ahead of time helps make the video lessons a bit easier to consume.

  • Over time, we’ll go back and double-check that you remember everything we assumed you knew (from previously-completed Domino lessons) - so you don’t need to worry about gaps in your knowledge persisting for long.

  • Every study session starts with the question: how much time do you have? Whether it’s ten minutes or just two, we’ll create an optimal “lesson” for you — made up of reviews (of words you’re at risk of forgetting) and learning new characters (words from future Domino lessons). Sticking to your study routine is pretty easy when you know exactly how long you'll be studying for.

  • Like many apps, we use spaced repetition to manage your review schedule. But we also have advanced responses for precision control, like hide-for-two-weeks, block-indefinitely, and boost-because-I-know-it-well.

  • CRAM mode lets you temporarily ignore the spaced-repetition-based review schedule so you can double-down on specific knowledge right when you need it. For example, you might CRAM the words from one specific Domino lesson or one HSK exam level.

  • Students who supplement their learning with graded readers, Chinese television, or tutors have told us they find making their own Personal word lists (with our integrated dictionary) invaluable, because your personal lists are seamlessly incorporated into your study sessions. Your personal lists also have all the advanced controls that our pre-made lists do, like being able to see how much of each list you've already learned, and seeing when each word was added to the list.

  • If you think you might want to take the HSK at some point, you can check your progress against any level of the exam at any time, even if you’ve never specifically studied from an HSK vocabulary list. And when you decide to go for it, we can immediately teach you the remaining unstudied words from whichever HSK level you target.

  • No matter what source you learn words from (Domino lessons, HSK exam lists, personal dictionary lookups, time with a tutor, etc.) — you’ll never have "duplicates" in your study system.

  • Your vocabulary growth is charted beautifully (at least, we think so!) on your progress dashboard. And if you’re nerdy like us, you’ll probably enjoy monitoring the specific details of your growth in your personal statistics pages.

If you think Hack Chinese might fit into your study routine, you can try it for twenty days with just your email address.

And because you’re a Domino student, if you sign up for your trial with this link https://www.hackchinese.com/domino you'll have a discount waiting for you at the end if you decide to hop on board for the long haul. :)

If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to answer them right here, or you can send me an email directly at daniel@hackchinese.com.

You'll learn more about my learning history in the onboarding videos at Hack Chinese, but it's safe to say I'm quite envious of students today who have innovative tools like Domino (and Hack!) simplifying the process. Chinese is considered "hard to learn" mostly because it's "time-consuming to learn." But with the right tools and consistent effort, Chinese is conquerable. Keep going. You can do it.

加油 and see you on the other side!

Johann Kröber 3 years ago

Hi i just made an account on Hack Chinese. SO far i am somewaht undicided if i want to invest the extra cost, since i found an anki deck containing the new HSK test words from levels 7-9 https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1415109546 SO i am wondering if you will add the vocabulary for the new HSK levels. Before i started with domino chinese i bought the entire course for New Practical Chinese Reader. Are you going to ad this to course lists. I think the layout of Hackchinese is more comfortable than anki, but anki is for free. I will try the 20 days free trial version and then decide. Best regards

Daniel 3 years ago

Hi Johann - We will definitely be adding official HSK vocabulary lists as they are published. If it would be helpful to load the (unofficial) HSK test levels 7-9 deck that you referenced, we can add that too. As for NPCR (New Practical Chinese Reader), it is has been on our list for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

John Morgan 3 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for the intro and link!
I've just signed up for the 20 day trial.
I was definitely in the "yet another flashcard???" camp when I started to read about this, but having started using it my initial impressions are very good. I am particularly impressed with the ease of use. Love how easy it is to add personal lists without having to worry about duplicates, and of course syncing with Domino is awesome. I've lapsed with Anki ages ago for a number of reasons so I cant wait to see how well Hack Chinese works for me.
I'll report back in 20 days...

Daniel Gonzalez 3 years ago

I've been using it for 12 days now and when I started I was worried about having duplicates, or if it was going to be any useful since dominochinese has it's own flashcards. But days passed and I have notice that it really works, you do remember those words, the flashcards have audio, also sentences as examples, you can choose if you want pinyin only or characters. It was a good experience and I will continue using it because for me it worked, it complements Domino. A nice thing is to pre-learn the words of the next lesson that you're going to learn that day, so when Felix teaches you, you are more likely to remember. It tracks your progress, and has many lists to choose from besides domino, like HSK from 1 to 6. It's easy to use and the site is fast. When you sign up it automatically prepares the next lessons you will learn here, but when you've learned all of them (it took me 10 days doing 2 lessons per day to finish the automated list), you have to add more manually, the good thing it's easy. Go to Lists(Scroll down) - DominoChinese - Fluency Path or Advanced Path and it let's you select your level and lesson Last, when there is a word difficult for you, it let's you avoid it indefinitely and resume it later. I recommend you to try it, it has a 20 day free trial.

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sticking with us! We will 继续努力!💪

John Morgan 3 years ago

So I signed up for Hack Chinese after the free trial expired, I got my Domino discount, and I've been using it daily for 31 days now, my dashboard tells me.

In short, I highly recommend you give Hack Chinese a try. It's easily the best flash card application specifically tailored for Chinese vocabulary that I have tried.

What's so good about it then? Well firstly and possibly the most important thing, I actually enjoy using it because it is so convenient, which means I'm less likely to skip using it. When you are in a study session it is blisteringly quick and you are encouraged via a popup dialog to ditch the mouse and use keyboard shortcuts on the desktop browser version which works very well indeed. I also use it for quick study sessions on my phone whenever I get a minute.
They have all the Domino Chinese vocabulary for the whole fluency path and advanced path which makes it a good choice for Domino users. As Daniel Gonzalez said above, it complements Domino nicely.
They also have lots of other word lists like HSK and other courses, and you can create personal lists where you can add any words you come across that you need to learn. This is very important to me as I already knew a large number of words from other sources and I want to be able to review my whole vocabulary in a single place. This is functionality that the Domino flashcards don't (yet?) provide.
The support is very helpful from Daniel at Hack Chinese.
And finally it works fine if you are in China, which I am.
The way I use it is to revise the words by adding the Domino lesson vocabulary list immediately after I have studied a Domino lesson. This way you get the maximum benefits of learning in a fun way with Domino, and then use the SRS flashcards to make sure you remember the new words, whilst keeping your existing vocabulary in your memory in the most painless way possible.
The bad points? It's not free. I hate spending money when I don't need to, but I can justify this as I want to learn Chinese as quickly as I can!

Well thats my mini review. 😊
Hope it helps someone!

Daniel 3 years ago

Happy New Year everyone!

Small announcement to the folks who asked for this last week... The vocabulary from Domino's Academic Path (HSK 5) is now in Hack Chinese. Cheers :) Dan

Haven't checked us out yet? I'll just leave this here... https://www.hackchinese.com/domino

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Great news thanks Daniel.

Mredpath86 3 years ago

I have tried using Hack Chinese but the audio never plays, I have tried on multiple devices and have changed all the settings. Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?

John Morgan 3 years ago

@Mredpath86: The audio plays fine for me. I've been using HackChinese several times a day for over two months and never had any problems with the audio. I can confirm it works on my Huawei android phone, a MacBook Pro, and an iPad. I use Chrome browser on the Mac and Edge on the phone.

What browser are you using? Have you tried a different one?

Mredpath86 3 years ago

@John Morgan: I have tried it in Windows, Linux and Android on multiple devices and browsers and everytime it comes up with no sound. Do you have a paid membership or the free trial? Maybe the chapter I am trying has a problem, I wish they would respond to me

John Morgan 3 years ago

Yes I have a paid subscription, but never had any problems when I was using the free trial. 🤷‍♂️ Have you tried playing words from other lists, just to rule out a problem with the chapter you are trying?
You can go to Lists, then List Catalog, click any topic that you haven't added, click a word to open its page then you can try to play the word or an example sentence.
The more info you can give their support, the more likely they can help you. Hope you get it sorted!

Daniel 3 years ago

Hi, Dan from HC here. The most common issue with sound is related to VPNs: sometimes the solution is turning a VPN on, sometimes the solution is turning a VPN off.

Hack Chinese uses Baidu for audio, so if you cannot access translate.baidu.com, you will not hear sound unless you use a VPN. (The only geography I am aware of that is currently blocking Baidu.com right now is India).

Please let me know if this helps. We've had a few students complain about a lack of audio, but have thus far been able to sort it out for everyone!

Daniel 1 year ago

Hi all! It's been a year since we posted an update about Hack Chinese, and a lot has changed. We've updated almost everything. Here's our latest list of changes! https://mailchi.mp/hackchinese.com/summer-22-mega-update

Reminder, Domino students get a discount when using their referral link https://www.hackchinese.com/domino Hope to see some of you soon!

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