Johann Kröber 3 years ago
Anki-Creating a Review deck that only uses Recognition Cards

My review deck is piling up and it takes to long to review all cards that are due. So i wanted to take it more relaxed bz onlz reviewing recognition. Does somebody know how to write a command for a review deck that only reviews recognition cards.

Benedikt Kick 3 years ago

I have actually set up my Anki in a way so that I have three review decks (for recognition, recall, and stroke order) rather than all of them in one.

Having them all combined always showed me the stroke order ones first, so I already saw them before doing my recognition review, which makes no sense.

Here are the three search filters to create a separate deck for each category:

Review Recognition Deck: card:"Recognition" is:due

Review Recall Deck: card:"Recall" is:due

Review Stroke Order Deck: card:"Stroke Order" is:due

Set the limit to how many you want to review per day, I have it set to 50 each and it's working quite well so far. Not too little, not too many.

Johann Kröber 3 years ago

Thanks,that did the trick。

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