Mitchell Ellison 3 years ago
What is your balance of practice vs learning new content?

Hey there!

I have been doing domino an hour every day for the past 40 days. I have been doing about 20minuetes of new content by watching the Domino Chinese Video Lectures, and 40 minutes doing mostly flash cards(and a few others forms of practice).

I have found that doing more learning, say 30 minutes/day, results in me not being able to retain the new content. Still trying to tweak my formula though to find the right threshold of learning vs application, and what is the most efficient way of learning.

What do you do for your learning and application ratio? How do you make your time put in most efficient for learning Chinese?

Thanks :) Have killer day!

Ran Boskis 3 years ago

Personally I try to learn as much as possible and then implement. I do 2 lessons -> anki -> workbook. As for practice I try talking to Chinese people (you could find lots of options online) and some videos (there are good youtubers that have a really good content for example Laoma Chris / laowhy )

Mitchell Ellison 3 years ago

@Ranboskis2804 will have to check out Laoma Chris's vidoes! Thanks :)

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