Max N. 1 month ago

大家好 I was scrolling through the FAQ and saw that for the 12$ subscription you'll get access to a wechat teacher. I was thinking about upgrading to get this future but first I'd like to know a bit more about it. Does anyone has some experience with this feature and would like to share their experience? Thanks in advance! 谢谢你们!

Domino Gavin 1 month ago

Hi, We were offering wechat teachers as a substitute for an official teacher. Right now, we’re setting up Domino Classroom, which will allow you to get guaranteed results with real teachers working alongside you and your course. In order to keep focus we’re not offering wechat teachers at the moment. You can apply here for the pilot if you’re interested.

Max N. 1 month ago

Thanks. I filled out the form and am interested in joining the pilot. Keep up the good work!

Domino Gavin 1 month ago

You are welcome Max

Sylvain J'Wardane 1 month ago

Deadline says 15-Jan but I submitted the form just today, as I learnt about it today by accident. Hope there are still spots left on the course...!

Domino Gavin 3 weeks ago

Hi Sylvain,

I’ll pass along your note to the team. Thanks for commenting.

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