Okeeffe Elle 2 years ago

Can anyone help me register on WeChat, please? I do not know anyone who can scan the QR code that WeChat sent me. Best, Elle

Andrei Formiga 2 years ago

What is the country of the phone number you're registering with? I remember seeing that is advisable that someone from the same country (or from China) help you register. I couldn't help you register anyway because I'm a new user, but this information will be useful for anyone who tries to help.

Kaynis X 2 years ago

I'm chatting with my friends on WeChat now! There are more than a billion people who use WeChat around the world. Download it now at http://wechat.com/dl/je2TP4ocaV0%3D and add me via WeChat ID: wxid_0uun4rrthhrf12.

Domino Gavin 2 years ago

Hi There,

Registering WeChat only requires a phone number. Just go through the registration process and once you enter the app, you will be able to scan any QR code.


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