Mitchell Ellison 3 years ago
Video Games to Practice Chinese With?


I quite like to play video games on my computer, and thought it would be a decent idea to play some in Chinese to practice. I am still very early on in DominoChinese, so it would need to be something without to much complexity.

Does anyone have any suggestions of games that would make for good practice?

Thanks! :)

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago


I suppose you could search for childrens' games. After all, games for the Chinese market will not use graded language for foreigners.

I've heard there is a Chinese version of Starcraft II, but I haven't tried it. Many of my students play League of Legends. You'll probably hear words not taught on courses playing that game.

The challenge is getting through the website to signup. If you do try it, use a disposable e-mail address.

Andrei Formiga 3 years ago

For very simple games there are some in Chinese learning sites, for example Little Fox Chinese has a few. They are quite simple.

More full-featured games will tend to be harder to read, of course, but luckily the amount of games in Chinese has increased. On Steam there are quite a few nowadays that are in Chinese only, and you can find them by searching by language. One I can remember now is "The Adventures of Fei Duanmu" which is a detective adventure that has been on Steam for a few years but only quite recently added an English translation. You can also look for the Gujian series (Gujian 3 has appeared in Western media recently) and there is the forthcoming Black Myth: Wukong game whose trailer was intensely discussed by gamers everywhere.

There are also many Japanese and Korean games localized to Chinese and with a big public there, and many mobile games created by Chinese companies, some of them you can even download and play (legally) if you have an Android phone.

Andrei Formiga 3 years ago

If you have a PlayStation 4 you can create an account in the Taiwanese PSN Store and have access to games localized there (they will be mostly using traditional characters, as expected, but usually there will be the Simplified option as well).

Christopher Schubert 3 years ago

If anyone finds any good multiplayer PC games and you want someone to play with, I'll join in. I've been trying to practice with games as well, but my Chinese isn't the greatest at the moment(I just finished level 3), so I usually end up being thrown into a bunch of text I don't understand and either trying to put together the context pieces to understand or using google lens on my phone to auto translate my screen lol.

I currently have no friends that speak Mandarin or have any interest in learning. It would be nice to change that. If you have Discord, my Discord name is Chrystophurr#5055.

saima (雪) 3 years ago

Mostly I just have access to some games in Chinese on my phone - if you switch your phone's language over to Chinese (even temporarily,) then any games that you currently play on your phone that have a Chinese language option will switch over as well.

Aside from that, I haven't found much in the way of PC or console games in Chinese, but I would certainly be interested if someone else found some. :)

Mitchell Ellison 3 years ago

Thank you for all the response!I will take into consideration and try out the given suggestions! :)


Andrei Formiga 3 years ago

Well, Genshin Impact is out now, it is free to play and high-quality, I'm almost sure it's Chinese-made and you have the option to play with the voices in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with subtitles in many more languages. You can use just the audio in Mandarin and English subtitles or go full Chinese with subtitles in simplified or traditional characters.

Mitchell Ellison 3 years ago

@Andrei Formiga Genshi Impact looks beautiful gonna try it out for sure! Thank s:)

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