Bw388 3 years ago
Using the domino anki deck

Let's say I've only studied up to level 1, chapter 2, all lessons - how would I tell anki I only want to be quizzed on that material and not be asked something? (Using

Julian Wong 3 years ago

Hi, that’s a really good question. I wouldn’t mind knowing myself. Hopefully someone here knows how to do it.

Nelem Naru 3 years ago

Create a custom deck like:

deck:"DominoChinese::Main" card:"DC Recognition" is:new (tag:"level 1, chapter 2")

(I customized my deck, so names here might be a little different)

Phillip Yancey 3 years ago

Are there any pre-made or recommended public desks anyone can recommend?

Simon Robinson 3 years ago
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