Yoclarry 3 years ago

Your customer support is "TERRIBLE!"

It takes days to receive a response and to submit anything, takes forever.


Max N. 3 years ago

I can understand the frustration, but to break a leg for the support team: They are 超好 dedicated to solve all issues and improve on the site. All the issues I reported got sorted out and troubles with the membership get fixed super quick. Sometimes the video streaming is yanky, but the host service outside of China improved on the issue quite a bit. Also don't forget it is a very small company with not too many employees and customers as well. Just keep all that in mind and be certain that you will be helped eventually.

Yoclarry 3 years ago

Until they improve their customer service, they will remain a small company with not too many employees and customers as well.

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi Yoclarry,

I’m so sorry to learn that you were on hold with our customer support. I fully understand how frustrating it must have been for you. We value our customers’ time, and this should not have happened. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. And I appreciate that you letting us aware of your negative experience.

Please let us know if you have any issues at this moment, or any additional questions, concerns or comments. So I could pass along to our team to solve for you.

Warm Regards, Head of Customer Support Gavin

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