Max N. 3 years ago
Story Time book

大家好 Does anyone know where the complete story time book is? The link in resources leads to a vocab list. I have also noticed that the story time videos and story time segments from the course book are totally different. The ones in the video uses most of the time too advanced words and I think the one in the course book is more adjusted to the learned vocab. I've already asked about it here on the forum and I also wrote a support ticket but I've never heart back. I really like the course but these small things can really be frustrating, especially if you don't see any changes made.



Max N. 3 years ago

Thanks. It's fixed now. Much appreciated. Even audio. 太好了

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi Max,

Sorry for the poor experience. We will continue to improve our services. We value your feedback, so please do not hesitate to share.


Max N. 3 years ago

Another question about the story time videos. Some of them are recorded by Felix and some by his colleagues. The ones not by Felix seem to be more in line with the learned vocabulary, are way shorter because there's no translation and sometimes only appear when choosing the quality in China. Are they supposed to replace the old ones made by Felix or are they placeholders until new ones are made. Honestly it confuses me quite a bit. First story time in Level 8 has one of the "new" ones. Thanks in advance

Felix Lattman 3 years ago

Sorry about that, when we switch to our outside China video host, the videos don't come along sometimes, the ones by me are old and the shorter ones without me are newer. I'll upload all level 1-20 this week.

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