Julian Wong 3 years ago
Reached Level 4 - flash cards don’t show English

Hi everyone. I just reached level 4 and noticed that barely any off the flash cards no longer show the English translations. I think I did about 60 flash cards just now, and saw maybe 2 or 3 cards with the English translation.

During level 1 to 3, there were always English translations but now they are not there. It this a glitch or just something that is just part of moving up levels?

Felix Lattman 3 years ago

Hi Julz, I'm adding more words to match the 1000 dialogs we have. Some entries don't have English translation yet. I'm fixing it as I go along, I'm sorry for your poor experience. It'll get much better asap! Felix

Julian Wong 3 years ago

Felix老师,你好!Thanks for replying and clarifying that for me! Please don’t apologise as I’m having nothing but an awesome experience so far with DominoChinese! So definitely not a poor experience at all. Quite the contrary! Keep up the amazing work you and your team do for us. I’m already loving level 4!

Cheers! Julian

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