Ytal151 2 years ago
I singed up (and paid) via udemy - how can i watch the first 4 lessons?

anyone knows?

Max N. 2 years ago

Hey Ytal, I firstly came to the course through udemy as well. Udemy is seperate from this subscription based platform. So you can find the course you bought in your udemy account. Hope this helps

Ytal151 2 years ago

Thanks, Max, i dont see the first 4 lessons in the Udemy course. Do you know where can I find them>

Max N. 2 years ago

I just checked the course I bought there ages ago. Chinese in 9 weeks imtroductionary course. You click on the course, go to the tab "course content", there you should see all lessons listed into sections. In section one there are 3 videos and section two the fourth and some more. Regardless of the course it should be similar. I hope this helps. Otherwise you could try contact the course support through udemy directly. As a small hint: if you enjoy the course, a better value offer is the subscription through this website. You get more content and it's overall cheaper I think. Anyways have fun learning!

Domino Gavin 2 years ago

Hi Ytal151,

Could you please contact us on Udemy? So our course team would look into it.

Thank you

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