Ferran Brichs 3 years ago
How to access the Chapter Quiz?

I just finished Level 2, chapter 1, all 3 lessons, I cannot access the Chapter 1 quiz. How can I do that?

Aaron FS 3 years ago

I am wondering the same. Mostly so I can get a star for the chapter. Does anyone know?

John Morgan 3 years ago

Which course are you looking at? The "fluency path" course has five chapters per level, and four lessons per chapter.

Unfortunately theres a bug (at least in the web version, and it's been there for at least 5 months) so the chapter stars NEVER get filled in, so you just need to select each chapter in turn and for each one select the lesson menu and check that all four lessons have their stars filled in.

Do chapters even have quizzes? Maybe that's why the stars don't fill in? 🤷‍♂️ The lesson quiz button is at the bottom of every lesson, and the level quiz can be accessed from course index, view details of course, and for each level there's a "Go to level quiz" button.

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