Ran Boskis 3 years ago
For those who finished the course

First things first- congrats! I just finished to course as well and thinking about what to do next. Did you continue with Ann's hsk5 course or did you move on to somewhere else?

thanks in advance!

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Congrats on completing the course ( the Fluency course?). I am approaching the end of the fluency course and I think my next move will be to go back and review each level perhaps several times, then I will move onto the advanced course.

As for other things I already use other resources in conjunction with Domino so I am continuing with those.

May I ask how you feel about your Chinese? Are you understanding everything ? I know for me I have some strong areas and some much weaker areas. Simon

Ran Boskis 3 years ago

Hey Simon, I hope all is well. I finished the advanced path, aka level 20. If the question is still relevant, I do understand a lot of Chinese. Far from perfect. It is still not easy to understand all conversations, but I feel like I can freely talk about most non-sophisticated subjects, and about some sophisticated ones too since Felix teaches some fancy words towards the end. Chinese people I have been talking to were surprised by my Chinese, so take this as an encouragement to keep up the hard work! 加油! On a side note, I think I will continue with Ann’s course. It seems really good!

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Really great to hear Ran. I imagine by the end of the HSK 5 it is more about native content? But should be interesting when HSK 2.0 fully rolls out.

Chantal Overbeeke 3 years ago

Congrats on finishing the course! I just started with level 18 so I'm almost there too. I'm planning to continue with the hsk5 course after this.

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