Daniel Rodriguez 3 years ago
Felix's cool language teaching app

Hi all. I am really interested in that little retro looking application Felix uses to teach with. Does anyone know where I can download it? Thanks in advance. Really enjoying the course!

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Haha let me ask him and get back to you🤞🏻

Malachi 平王 3 years ago

Are you referring to the app he writes and draws on in screencast videos? Because I would really like to know too.

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi guys the app is called sketchbook

John Morgan 3 years ago

Thanks Gavin!
I was curious as well. Looks like Autodesk Sketchbook is free to download from the Mac App Store too. Handy!

Domino Gavin 3 years ago

Hi John,

You are welcome! Glad that this helped! 🤝


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