Alexander Kozovski 3 years ago
Dialogs - required level

Hello there! 你好。我叫Alex。 I would like to ask which level I should have passed to understand and practice the dialogs? What's the minimum knowledge requirement for the easiest dialogs? Thank you

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

You don't need to worry about the level. On your dashboard, You can see a list of recommended dialogues based on the words you know .

Alexander Kozovski 3 years ago

Thank you. Could you tell me where can I find that? On my phone I click on "Explore" and then "Dialogs" and many dialogs appear but I think they are above my level

Alex Au 3 years ago

Hi, I second this. Most of the dialogs are all "easy" but there's like 100 of them but so many have characters I don't know, but a few with only characters that I do.

Is there a better way to listen to dialogs that fit the characters that i've already learned?

On the phone app, I click:

  • explore
  • dialogs
  • see a long list of east dialogs, most of which have many characters I don't know yet.

I am currently on Level 2, chapter 4.

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

I cannot check the Android app because it always crashes when I log in. Can you find your Dashboard, the page with the graphs of studied videos and flashcards?

In the dashboard, you should see a list of five recommended dialogues.

Lee Saunders (大力) 3 years ago

On the website version, you click your avatar to show the dashboard. I don't know if the phone apps are the same.

G H 3 years ago

seems that feature doesn't exist on the app (yet?). for me, on the website it shows 33 dialogs (level 9). in the app i don't see these recommended dialogs.

John Morgan 3 years ago

Okay I am near the end of level 3 of the fluency path (have roughly 1500 words) and yet I only see 3 recommended dialogs. So I have had a read of some of the dialogs marked as "easy" now and sure enough I don't know all the words.
So it's not a bug, but I do think it would be nice to have some more dialogs that require less vocabulary already learnt.

Julian Wong 3 years ago

Hi. I’m the the iOS app and at level 4, chapter 2. I can see what seems like an endless list of dialogues. The list of dialogues are in alphabetical order and I can just scroll forever through the dialogues. So I’m not sure why I can see what seems to be hundreds of dialogues when I’m just at level 4, chap2. Are most of you using the android app, or iOS app? By the way, on the desktop version, I can still see all the hundreds of dialogues as well. Are you able to view all these dialogues via desktop?

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

You can also use the free stories on Du Chinese until you know enough characters for the dialogues.

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