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Daily Studying Routine?

What's your daily study routine you use for Domino Chinese? Currently I do a lesson a day and below is what sorta works for me.

-Handwrite Notes during lesson -Use the Vocab sheet and enter them into Anki -Study Anki -Attempt to talk to chinese gf, and get her to correct me

Benedikt Kick 3 years ago


I got a daily routine going about a month ago that I'm quite happy with.

I watch one lesson first thing in the morning and take notes in a notebook (writing all characters and meanings + rules). During lunch time I then study today's vocabularies with Anki (I use the official Anki deck from Domino Chinese and have created six filtered decks - 3x for new words. (updated after each lesson), 3x for review with recall, recognition, stroke order cards each) After dinner I review old vocabularies from my three review decks. (50 cards each = 150 reviews per day) Before bed I practice handwriting with the worksheets and do the tasks from the course book for today's lesson.

So far it feels like something that doesn't overwhelm me and that I can keep up longer term.

Robert 3 years ago

I try to get 30-60 minutes daily after work at night and practice writing the character on paper and pinyin sound, then on the weekends I study the flash cards, etc. I print the black and white vocabulary per lesson and study it. I save them in a 3 ring binder, so I can always go back and study them. Little by little and seems to stay in my head easier then overwhelming my self.

Up to now I feel good, I hope it stays with me, as I level up and gets more complicated.

Since I work full time and other life things it's not easy but feasible.

Good luck to all and do not give up, little at a time will do the job. :-)

Intesar Nur 3 years ago

You will find if you follow the lessons along he repeats a lot of words too. Ideally you should do the lessons with the quizlet flashcards that are premade. I would highly recommend doing a lesson either everyday or every 2 days.

Simon Robinson 3 years ago

Daily studying for me is Domino at least one lesson. flash card review on 'hack chinese' Listening via 'glossika' and 'fluent mandarin' (Comprehensible Input) Plus any speaking I can get in with native speakers.

Akhilesh Gupta 3 years ago

When i had started, it was very erratic, I wanted to master prior lesson before moving to next one, so sometimes i did 2 even 3 lessons per day, some times none for 2-3 days.

Now, I make sure I do 1 lesson per day, not more and not less, so about 45 minutes for that. I make sure I write notes while taking a new lesson. Important to note down grammar point, sentence structures and other things deemed noteworthy.

30 mins first thing every morning, I revise using notes. Flash cards dont really work for me, I prefer studying from my own notes.

DELETED 3 years ago

Awesome, it's great to hear about everyone's routines. It shows how everyone learns differently from one another :)

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