Peter Reisner 1 year ago
Complement Domino with a tutor

Hello all - I've been studying Domino for a good year but feel like speaking skills and listening comprehension need further support. So, I'm thinking about getting a Chinese tutor to tackle that that.

I'm sure some of you have done so, too. As tutors often have their own agenda or approach and Domino not set up to work with one, I was wondering what is the best way to approach this. Have you been working course books with the tutor? Use your latested Domino lessons as basis for a converstion topic? Or what did work well for you?

Looking forward to hear your insights - Thank you!

James M 1 year ago

Hey Peter. I've had similar difficulties with speaking and listening lagging pretty far behind my reading and writing. Of course, as this is the domino forum I must plug the domino classroom, which I haven't used but I assume mostly addresses this issue. I personally found a teacher on, and it really has done wonders for my speaking and listening. I found since I already had a pretty strong vocabulary base, once I consistently, a few times a week started just simply chatting with my teacher, that I improved pretty rapidly. We have not worked through the course books together or anything like that, more so just tried to use new vocabulary in conversation. Hope this is helpful.

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