Angela Vitale 7 months ago
I paid for three Domino live classes

I was told I would have access to the material covered by the live classes. Which would be the first large section and the material from the second course, the beginner-intermediate section. I have no access at all now to any part of the site. No way to contact anyone. Most of the links are dead.

The second class, the more intermediate one was so rife with technical glitches it was impossible to do the necessary course work. So I tried to at least keep going with the febehind because I couldn’t access homework

Melissa Gendron 7 months ago

As I mentioned in Discord, for an issue from 2022 it's probably not going to be refunded 10 months later if they didn't provide a refund when the classes started. If it's the classroom homework site that was a bit of a work and progress and I just skipped most of it since I didn't have time to do it anyway.

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